Darjeeling's Local Food

The one thing that I really look forward to, during my visits to Darjeeling, is the local food there.

Below is a list of a few of the popular local delicacies:

Momosis a very popular Tibetan dish. It is prepared by stuffing minced meat, vegetable or cheese in flour dough and then moulding them in the form of dumplings. For many students, it is their daily lunch. Momos are available everywhere in Darjeeling, from small joints, to good restaurants and even in school canteens. About a decade or two ago, momos were found mostly only in Darjeeling and Sikkim. But now, you find 'Momo Stalls' everywhere-in Delhi, Kolkata and other cities.

Momos Central Hotel Resort Darjeeling Gangtok
Churpi Central Hotel Resort Darjeeling Gangtok

Thukpa is a noodle soup with vegetables. It is delicious and a lot of local families have Thukpa for dinner. It is delicious, filling and very easy to make.

Sael Roti is a fried snack, prepared by grinding a mixture of rice and water. It is usually not available in restaurants but is served in the local homes during parties and festivals.

Seal Roti Central Hotel Resort Darjeeling Gangtok
 Titora Lemon Central Hotel Resort Darjeeling Gangtok

Churpi is basically hardened cheese, prepared from Yak's milk. It doesn't really have a taste but is very addictive. You will find a lot of locals just chewing onto it. It is more like a time - pass. A small piece can take close to 20 minutes for you to finish.

Titora Comes in different flavours and in different sizes. It is more like 'churan' in Hindi.It comes in plum, mango, tamarind, cherry and other such flavours and is a huge hit among locals and tourists. These come in small packets of about Rs.25 each .People carry it in their pockets and keep popping it in their mouths every now and then.