Different Seasons of Darjeeling

December 03, 2014

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Different Seasons of Darjeeling The beauty of Darjeeling is its unpredictable weather. One moment, the sun is out and the next moment it is drizzling.

The funny part is, even though there is no summers, even when it is a little sunny, you will find the locals wearing shorts and half sleeved T-shirts. They do not want to miss the opportunity of wearing their 'summer clothes' and going to 'Chow Rasta'.

The monsoons here, is fun too. Suddenly you see the valley in front of you all covered in fog. And when it starts to clear up, the sight is so beautiful! Some parts of the mountain have the sun rays falling on it, while the remaining parts are still covered in fog. You will find children jumping across puddles and enjoying getting wet in the rain.

Outside almost every house, you will find a bucket or a water container for rain water harvesting. This is not because they are very aware about the environmental issues, but simply because there is acute scarcity of water here. Every drop counts!

Winters are nice because usually it is very sunny during the day and the mornings and evenings are very cold. You will find people covered from head to toe-literally!!Though the place gets cold, but the people's hearts are always warm.

-By Central Hotel