Life in the Queen of Hills

I am fortunate to have spent 8 years of my school life here. Life here is pretty laid back. People have a happy-go-lucky attitude. It is only when one moves out of Darjeeling, that one realizes that the place is untouched by the cares of the world. The locals are always smiling, their cheeks are always red and are more often than not humming a local song. It is a happy and a funny place. If you go to Chowrastha' ( Mall Road ), you will bump into almost everyone you know, and mostly twice, while going up the hill and again while going downhill. There are a few popular hangouts and almost all of Darjeeling is there.

Central Hotels  Central Gleneagles Heritage Resort Darjeeling
Central Hotels  Siliguri view

The place has changed a lot over the years. Development is finally happening there! One good thing, about the fact, that there was such little development in Darjeeling over the years, is that, it remained un-commercialized and naturally very beautiful. There is a reason why it is called the Queen of the Hills!!

If you intend to spend maximum time in and around Chowrastha, do stay with us.

We have 2 Resorts right at the Mall, Central Nirvana Resort, Darjeeling, has the best view in town and is at a 2 minutes walking distance from Chowrastha. Central Gleneagles Resort, Darjeeling, is a very cute bungalow which has been converted into a resort recently.