Locals Of Darjeeling !

Location Chowrasta and Mall

They are a happy-go-lucky lot, without the cares of the world. When in Darjeeling and moving around in town, you wouldn't know who does what. One could be a Manager, a driver, a musician or a teacher They all look and dress the same( dress equally well). Looking at them, you can safely say that they spend most of their money on good clothes, hair color and fancy shoes. Even after working for many years, few of them have any savings.They live one month at a time. And they can't care any less about it.They are happy with their red cheeks, leather jackets and have ever smiling faces !

One thing that I have observed there is, that almost everyone can speak a little English. Be it the taxi drivers, the vendors, small children or even porters.

Most locals have not lived anywhere other than the Hills. They marry early and know little about the city life. Almost all locals either sing well or play the guitar. So, they are happy spending their evenings with a pint of beer playing the guitar or just chilling with other locals.

It's a simple and carefree life !

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