The Beautiful Green Cover of Darjeeling

Location Batasia Loop

One good thing about the fact that such little development took place in Darjeeling in  the last few decades is that it is still very 'green'.
Hence ,it is a paradise for nature lovers.

Since the climate varies throughout the year, so does the flora of Darjeeling.
Spring is short, but it is so bright and colorful.It feels brighter because after the cold winter months when one walks around in Darjeeling,the Rhododendrons are in full bloom. The flowers are of different colors-scarlet, white and mauve.
We used to love  walking around the Mall Road and visiting the Botanical Garden or Shrubbery Park at this time of the year.

Around Durga Puja time, the district is flooded with white, maroon, orange and golden yellow marigolds. They are used for decorations as well as for offering to God.

Most houses of Darjeeling have plants.And the locals take great pride in showcasing them.Most hotels and restaurants will have freshly cut flowers as table decorations.
Winter is the time for oranges. Darjeeling oranges are smaller in size as compared to the Nagpur ones, but they are juicy and sweet.

Darjeeling as a Hill Station is naturally gifted among many in our country because most part of the hilly region is covered with the evergreen Pine trees.So, the land is never barren and remains attractive to tourists all the year round.