The Famous Schools of Darjeeling

December 15, 2014

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Darjeeling has some of the best schools of the country, like, St, Paul's, Mount Hermon, Loreto Convent and St. Joseph's. Most of these schools are over 100 years old and their products have a distinct identity. You, usually know when you meet a Paulite or a Hermonite.

Some decades ago, only the privileged few could go to Darjeeling to study. And it was considered as cool as studying in London. Children come from different countries and different parts of India to become a part of these institutions.

Education is not the primary focus of these schools (I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing!).The focus is on all round development. Every second boy in these schools knows how to play the guitar, is excellent at football or some other sport. School Choirs are very active and so most of them are good singers.

In these schools, English is the lingua Franca, simply because students come from different places and backgrounds and English happens to be the only common language. Hence, you will find even a class 2 student speaking very fluently in English.

These schools have grey buildings and are not necessarily fancy. Each school covers huge areas, have many playing fields, hostels, teacher's quarters, etc. The students are very familiar with their teachers in these boarding schools and you will always find a teacher surrounded by a group of students and chatting up. It's a happy place to be in where students accumulate countless memories as they pass from KG to class 12.

'Old walls are friendly walls friendly walls, farewell! Old walls hold memories that breathe a kindly spell. Breathe then your benison on me as I depart, I'll keep your memory warm in my heart.'

We have a lot of parents staying with us at Central Heritage Resort & Spa, Darjeeling, during holidays and during children's Outings every year. In fact, in many cases it's the second or third generation staying with us and they have fond memories of their childhoods with us !

-By Central Hotel